Lazarus Table was founded in 1996, serving 10,000 meals that first year. Over the past 20 years with the help of over 2000 volunteers annually, the services provided have grown significantly, going beyond providing food. To better reflect the breadth of programs, the name changed from Lazarus’ Table to Lazarus Ministries. Today, Lazarus Ministries’ services include a clothing boutique, free medical clinic, dental extraction clinic and hair salon services.

As the needs of our community have grown, so has our vision. In 2009 Lazarus Ministries became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to better position the organization to continue expanding the programs serving the community. While the organization continues to function with support from the faith based community, the nonprofit status allows opportunities for growth, which a church would never have been able to provide alone.

We are confident that after 20 years downtown, God has lead Lazarus into a new direction – a direction that will allow us to grow and continue to serve. After settling into our new home at Linwood United Church in midtown, Lazarus Table and Boutique have re-opened on Saturday’s with plans for Sunday breakfast and lunch to begin in 2018. While sad to leave our home of 20 years, we acknowledge that downtown is changing and in an effort to remain serving those in the greatest need, we moved further into Kansas City’s urban core where we hope to continue to grow our ministries and make an impact on those we serve.