Cindy’s Story

When Cindy’s apartment building was sold, she lacked the practical skills, resources, and connections to find another place to live.  As a result, she was evicted and ended up homeless for nearly six years.

Cindy spent one winter in our Emergency Shelter for Women, then returned for a second, then third, winter.  During her third season with us, we identified signs that Cindy was ready to move beyond homelessness and gain her self-sufficiency.

Cindy entered our Supportive Housing Program – a year-round supportive housing program that allows us to walk beside 3-5 previously homeless women and help them take steps toward self-sufficiency.  With our involvement and assistance, Cindy’s mental illness was diagnosed, and she started medical treatment with great success.  She also qualified for disability benefits, which allowed her to start saving toward a new home.

Today, Cindy is living in her own apartment.  She has a savings account and is managing her monthly expenses with a realistic budget.  She’s engaged with a church community and continues to stay connected to Lazarus.

Thank you for helping us create homes and futures with Sojourners like Cindy!